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The Zebra Cake

on February 28, 2012

Last month, my son turned 2! I cannot believe my baby is 2. It seems like only yesterday he was born, but also feels like he’s been in my life forever!

Anyway, my boy is an animal fan and when I was mentally trying to prepare myself for his birthday ( it’s pretty close to Christmas), I did a search on safari themed cakes and came across a picture of a cake slice that had a zebra pattern inside. I did some research and found a RIDICULOUSLY hard way of achieving the look and decided not do do it. It involved tools, special pans and too much time. I have a toddler who likes to stand under me when I’m in the kitchen…I do not have time.

I went to Michael’s to buy some cake pans (Tip: if you need cake pans, I recommend Michael’s. They have an awesome selection of sizes, depths and pan types. Also, they aren’t that expensive, especially if you have a 40% off coupon from Sunday’s paper. I even did some comparison shopping and Michael’s regular price was cheaper than Wal-Mart!). While there, I noticed that Duff Goldman from one of those cake shows on tv( those guys look the same to me) has a line of cake mixes out. He had a zebra kit with directions on the OUTSIDE of the box. Was that stealing? The cake mix was 7 dollars…7 DOLLARS! I don’t know why the idea for this didn’t dawn on me sooner, I have mush brain most of the time these days. So here it is the tutorial on how to make your very own zebra cake!


A batch of chocolate cake mix

A batch of white cake mix

I used Duncan Hines but you can use whatever your favorite brand is or make your own. I have a wonderful yellow homemade recipe I’ll share one day, but I haven’t found a chocolate or a white one I’m crazy about yet, so I use box cake mixes.

You’ll also need 2 scoops of some sort, like large ice cream scoops. I used 2 – 1 cup size measure cups.

Start by spraying your pans with Baker’s Joy or Pam. Also, remember to preheat to whatever temp your recipe or mix requires.

Get a scoop of one of the batters and drop it in the middle of one of the pan. Let it naturally spread for a second and drop a scoop of the other batter on top.

Repeat over and over. I also did about 3 rounds a pan (I used 10 inch rounds) and would switch to the next to make sure I was getting the same amount of batter in each pan.

Bake according to directions, let cool completely, dump out and decorate!

I didn’t get a great picture of the cake before I took a bite…or 3. But it came out great. I was worried because the white batter was SO much thicker than the chocolate…so the chocolate ran all over the pan. I made a whipped topping to ice mine with.

I think this would also be pretty in a red velvet/white cake mix or a strawberry/chocolate mix. Have fun!


One response to “The Zebra Cake

  1. Michele says:

    That is SO cool!! I would LOVE your yellow homemade cake recipe!! I have a chocolate one, but can’t find a yellow one!!

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