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Moving on up…

I put things on hold here during our home buying experience. We are no longer in 4B! Please join me over at: The Urban Chicken 

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Save a Buck, Drive Yourself Nuts

During one of my 3 hour Pinterest obsessions…I came across a DIY laundry detergent. I was intrigued. Since then, I have researched different methods and have started experimenting. I want to perfect a recipe before posting about it on my blog, but should have a good one to post in the next day or so. It’s a lot of work, and I don’t really start on it until after 9 at night when Coop goes to bed. The ‘a lot of work’ part is really just the part of grating soap…let me tell you how much fun it is to grate a GIANT bar of soap, but more on that later. 🙂

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Welcome to 4b…

Welcome to my blog. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a (mainly) cooking blog for a while, and finally decided to just go for it after watching a show on Cooking channel that had me salivating by the end. So many recipes to try…tomorrow, I start with caramelized onions in the crockpot that will later be turned into a vegetarian French Onion soup..wish me luck!

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